Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I make an appointment with you?

– Please contact the Queens Pain and Spine center at 808-691-5390 for more information. Our usual process is to have your primary care doctor, or relevant specialist, make a referral, so we can ensure we have the necssary background information.  I have locations at both Punchbowl as well as Queens West in Ewa.

What makes your approach to patients unique?

-I strive do the right thing for patients 100% of the time; this may mean procedures, trying different medications, recommending physical therapy or weight loss, or referring you to a surgeon.  The intellectual and emotional satisfaction of figuring out the best solution for you is more important to me than maximizing revenue.   I am 100% transparent and honest with my patients; I’ll tell you how much I think a procedure would help,  and what I think the risks are, and will never make false promises.  Personally, when I look for a physician for my own care, I try to find someone who acknowledges (and can thus minimize) risk and uncertainty.   Human bodies are not machines–every body, and every pain condition, is unique.

I also greatly enjoy and find important the process of educating patients about their condition, and engaging in a two-way dialogue.  I see myself more as a coach to guide patients to their own path to improvement, rather than a mechanic who will tighten a bolt and fix your problem (though I can help diagnose the problem).  I welcome and encourage questions (I have a lot of questions myself when I go see a doctor) and will answer them honestly to the best of my ability.

Why don’t you prescribe opioids? They really help me a lot!

-I could see patients a lot faster, with far less effort, if I simply gave out opioids to everyone who wanted it. That would be wrong, however. See this post on why I don’t prescribe opioids.  I tell patients upfront that if this is what they are specifically or primarily seeking, they would probably find a better fit elsewhere.

What treatments do you offer?

There are many non-opioid pain medications, such as various anti-inflammatories, or nerve pain medications. Procedures such as epidural steroid injections, joints injections, or peripheral nerve injections can often help a lot.   I can help set you up with physical therapy, which is often the cornerstone of long-term improvement.  Although often a last resort,  sometimes surgeries such as spine surgeries or joint replacements are necessary or beneficial; I can make the appropriate referrals to trusted surgeons.