Medical Products

This is a list of various products I recommend to my patients.

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For neck pain or arm pain while sleeping

Try a SOBAKAWA (buckwheat) pillow. It’s like a beanbag, so not soft or squishy. Regular pillows usually are too big, lifting your head too much, or too flat, so your neck isn’t supported. The bean-bag like moldability helps 1) maintain enough firm support and exact contour for your unique neck and head–something the on-size fits all “wavy” memory foam pillows don’t do, and 2) if you’re a side sleeper, you can put your arm underneath the pillow without squishing it (the buckwheat redistributes the pressure off your arm). It might take some getting used to (it has a husky smell, especially at first) but you’ll get used to it. Better than the mypillow which I find kind of lumpy. I use one every night.