I would be happy to discuss my philosophy of care, or any specific patients you may have in mind.  I offer the full range of pain management options, from interventional procedures to non-opioid medication management.  I have no particular bias towards one or the other–I will offer whatever is indicated for any given patient.   If you have patients motivated to titrate down their opioids I would be happy to assist with that process as well.    I am particularly interested in CRPS and neuropathic conditions such as nerve entrapments and post-traumatic/post-surgical nerve pain; I have had very good results with a series of diagnostic and therapeutic nerve blocks to precisely diagnose the neuropathy so appropriate treatment can be directed.


I have a clinic at Queen’s Punchbowl and West Oahu, and accept almost all insurances. For referrals please contact the Pain and Spine Clinic at 808-691-5390, fax 808-691-5389, and include relevant studies and clinic notes.